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Roadrunner Email Common Problems

Webmail, or also known as roadrunner email, is one of the most known email services in the US. It was managed and owned by the Time Warner Cable Network. It enables the clients to follow to their desired email, which will be directed to the network. 

The email services of roadrunner email are top-rated up to this date. It is now called as the Spectrum email due to the merging of Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable. In case you experience some problems in your roadrunner email, like your roadrunner email not working, then we recommend you to call the roadrunner email customer support number. The roadrunner customer support number will help you in many ways. For instance, the roadrunner email password reset will help you to change your password in your roadrunner email account for safety purposes. 

Roadrunner Email Problems

How to Create a Time Warner Cable or Roadrunner Email Account

If you decided to make your roadrunner email account, you are not required to have individual awareness since it is one of the most accessible email accounts that you can make. Nevertheless, you can notice that some of the steps below have slight differences. 

  1. The first step that you will need to do to create your Time Warner Cable email account is to go directly to the website of Time Warner Cable. Keep in mind that Spectrum is the present name of roadrunner email after Time Warner Cable. 
  2. Enter your accurate mobile phone number as well as your zip code and click the button to continue.
  3. At the second page, you are required to confirm your signed personal information.
  4. After that, it is the right moment for you to make your profile that comes up with some of your personal things, including your address and name. It is a must for you to enter your real home address since it would be necessary for later transactions.
  5. The last step that you will do is to hit the button for “adding security option.” After that, place your security option if ever that you forget your entered password. 

If you follow these five easy steps correctly, you can make your roadrunner email account as easy as one, two, and three.

Logging In on Your Roadrunner Email Account

  1. For you to log into your preferred roadrunner email account, the first thing that you need to do is to go directly to the website of Spectrum or Rime Warner Cable.
  2. Second, you are in need to fill up your username as well as your password in a separate box. Ensure that you will put all of those to log in.
  3. If there is a time that you forgot your password, the only thing that you need t do is to hit the button for “Forgot Password” and begin the method on how to recover it.

Settings of Roadrunner Email Account

Setting Up for iPhones

To perform the setting for your iPad and iPhone, you are in need to follow the steps listed below.

  1. Visit your iPhone or iPad’s Settings,
  2. Second, hit the Mail – Contacts – Calendars – Add Account – Other
  3. Hit the button for “Add Email Account” and enter your information, including the following;
  • Sign up your username
  • Sign up your address; for instance,
  • Enter your password
  • Description; Enter your roadrunner email account. You will see it at your Account list that will be shown on the screen of your iPad or iPhone.

  1. Hit the “next” button. For you to open your “Incoming Mail Server,” you will need to fill the following details;
  • Incoming Mail Server Host; for instance,
  • Username; for example, Take note that you will sign up your entire email add.
  • If it is necessary, you can enter the 110 port and turn off your Secure Server.
  1. The following information must need to be filled out to open the Outgoing Mail Server.
  • Outgoing Mail Server Host; for instance,
  • Username; for instance, Take note that you need to fill up your entire email add.
  • Password; enter your preferred password.
  • Enter the 587 port and turn off your Secure Server or do not use the SSL. 
  1. To save your information, enter the button “Save.”

Setting Up for Androids

Setting up your roadrunner email with your Androids would be much easier to perform with the use of your Gmail. But, some users that choose to work with it with the use of their Android Email application. It might not be that easy, but you can do it when you follow the steps listed below.

  1. Download the email application on your Android.
  2. Enter the information for your roadrunner email address and hit the “next” button.
  3. Enter the “POP3” and click the button “next,” and sign up the password of your roadrunner email account before you hit the Next button again. 
  4. With the settings of your Incoming Server, the following details must be filled out;
  • Password;
  • Server;
  • Port;
  • Security Type;
  1. For the settings of Outgoing Server, fill out the following;
  • Server;
  • Port;
  • Security type;
  • Require sign-in;
  • Username;
  • Password;
  1. Hit the “OK” button for submission.

Common Problems

There is no platform or email service that can be accessed by the internet that doesn’t have any issues. While some of the problems faced by other email services might disturb the convenience, others have simple issues that can be ignored for a while.

  • Cannot download or upload any documents to your roadrunner email account.
  • Cannot receive or send emails.
  • Unable to stay connected with your mail server.

The three common problems of roadrunner email account mentioned above can be solved by calling the roadrunner email customer support. The roadrunner customer support will help you to solve some problems – whether big or small, which you usually encounter every time you are using your roadrunner email account. So, if you have a roadrunner email account that brings you common issues, then call the roadrunner email customer support. 

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