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Roadrunner email is nothing but high-speed internet services and this email, is used by everyone in the world. The email is used for private and professional purposes. It is just like Gmail and no tedious process involved in creating an account. 

Origin of Roadrunner

The Roadrunner was started in the year 1995 under the company Time Warner cable. Robert.D. Marcus is the chairman of the TWC company. The headquarters is located in the United States. It was introduced during the early days of the Internet. Most of the people used to access the Roadrunner and have email id with the suffix Later the name was changed to TWC and the Roadrunner name was expired. It happened in the year 2012. 

Roadrunner Email

Charter Communication

Charter Communications acquired Time warner cable by knowing its reach among the people and its signal strength. Charter communication is the second-largest cable operator in the United States. It happened during the year 2016. The service rendered by the Charter communication is Spectrum Internet. People now does not know the name Roadrunner. Instead, if you call with the name called spectrum internet then everyone would come to know. 

Charter Communication and TWC

The charter communications had merged the TWC and its own infrastructure together. Now it had got almost 9 million mailboxes. It is actually a good count and it shows how it had reached among the people. The quality of the email service will be good in the Roadrunner. Previously the users used to have email id as New subscribers will login with an email id The internet speed of the spectrum internet will be of 100mbps. It is said to be super fast and it had got good ratings from the people. Some people wanted to install it on their Android phone. I will here help you out in installing the Roadrunner email app on your Android phone.

How to create a Roadrunner email in Android device

Here let us see how to create roadrunner email in Android device

  1. The First step is you will have to search for the roadrunner app in the play store and then you will have to install it.
  2. Set up the username and the password and tap next
  3. Select POP3 and then click next
  4. Type the Roadrunner password and click next
  5. Here you will have to fill all your personal details and you can also create the email id. For example Once everything is done, then you will have to enter the outgoing server settings.

Once everything is done, you will receive a message that the id had been successfully created. Now you may make a note of that id and use it for your personal and professional use. By this way, you have created the Roadrunner email in your android device.

Not on Android?
How to Setup Roadrunner Email on iPhone


We have seen about the Roadrunner email and its origin. Hope you all have got some idea about Roadrunner email and how to create it in the Android device. 

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